We primarily sell on the website Etsy. We operate two stores there. Please visit both Etsy pages or email us with any questions.

Our most popular product line is The Shrunken Head Shop. We have sent heads all over the world. They are available in many variations and also as unfinished kits. Our little monster maker, Alayna is in charge of the shrunken head necklaces, ornaments, and keychains. She began selling these at age 11 and is saving her earnings for her own car someday.

The newest product line, Distinguished Figures is available on the McGuire Sculpture shop. These are pre-painted statues honoring some great writers. We have enlisted the help of a great sculptor and friend, Todd Carolan. He is responsible for the likenesses of Wells, Tolkien, Lovecraft, and Verne. We also have a variety of other items available for purchase including Crimson Ghost items. 

These are our products that are available for purchase via ETSY listings or in-person at convention tables. Other items pictured throughout the site may be available via the client that commissioned the sculpture. We are happy to pass on their information to you. Please email us with any questions.