McGuire Sculpture is truly a family business. Brian is an accomplished sculptor, painter, and mold maker. He began twenty years ago as a way to bring his favorite horror movie characters to life. He is a self-taught sculptor, but also has a formal art education in art history, illustration, painting, ceramics, and print making. Lisa has an education centered around business and photography. She manages the business and order production. Even the kids are involved. They help with production and are experienced convention vendors. 

   We also work with independent artists who lend their talents as skilled sculptors and painters. We are grateful for their expertise and value their friendships.

Professional Work

Brian has sculpted prototypes and displays for several companies and private collections all over the world. Working in scales ranging from 1:6 to 1:1, Brian has several years of experience with a variety of subjects. Whether the project is a realistic portrait or a cartoon character-the same commitment to detail is the foundation of the work. 

Services Available:





Current and Past Clients Include​: Alternative Images, Ashba Media, Boxing Dogs Models, Cirque du Soliel, Geometric Designs, Mental Mischief, Monsters From The Woods, Rebel Resin, Starlighting Projects, Wolfman Jack's Models, Universal Studios, and many more.