​Welcome to the Shrunken Head Shop

These are museum quality replicas of  shrunken heads, as made by the Jivaro Tribe in South America. Each piece has been meticulously made to be as accurate as possible. The shrunken heads are hand crafted from quality materials and made to order. Choose from any of the designs shown or customize your own design. We even sell unfinished kits for aspiring head shrinkers.

Size: Each one is approximately 4.5” (13" tall with stand)

Materials: resin, jute, twine, acrylics, beads, feathers, beetle wings, human hair, wood, etc.

How much: prices start at $115 for finished pieces and $70 for kits

​**Now Available**

Shrunken Head necklaces, keychains, and ornaments (seasonally). Prices start at $15

Click the pictures below for Make-your-own Instructions